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The true cleaning service

Agile, efficient and honest, DX Clean has become a reputable House Cleaning Service. Our team come to on-time ready to do a great service, equipped with our own products and everything we need. Over than 10 years of experience doing the best job for our clients partners and friends, our team will do your House smell fresh and clean all day long



Cleaning whatever you want

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What we do?

Cleaning all flooring, take out garbage, real wash and sanitize all toilets tub and sink. Your kitchen like new, wipe down all of appliances exterior


Move in or out with no worries

Further all of we do in the STANDART CLEANING, we will clean all of windows and doors inside, move the furniture to clean under of them, baseboards and Fans


The true deep cleaning

Further all of we do in the MOVE-IN/OUT, we will clean INSIDE all of appliances and cabinets, Laundry wash and dry and the big difference for another companies, clean outside the front door and window



Town Loop Blvd,  Hunters Creek
Orlando - FL

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Town Loop Blvd,  Hunters Creek
Orlando - FL

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